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Paraguay court confirms extradition of soccer official Leoz

May 8, 2018

A Paraguayan court has confirmed the extradition of the former president of South America's soccer confederation Nicolas Leoz

Facebook bans foreign ads in Ireland abortion referendum

May 8, 2018

Facebook says it is banning foreign advertisements related to Ireland's abortion referendum, amid concerns that North American groups are trying to influence the campaign

Correction: Pecan Branding story

May 3, 2018

Correction: Pecan Branding story

Sleep mode? Tech giants' kids' 'fixes' amount to baby steps

Apr 27, 2018

Tech companies are making changes to services aimed at kids as critics question whether they should be targeting kids at all, but the companies are mostly tinkering at the edges

After Facebook scrutiny, is Google next?

Apr 21, 2018

Facebook has taken the lion's share of scrutiny from Congress and the media about data-handling practices that allow savvy marketers and political agents to target specific audiences, but it's far from alone

Facebook adds privacy settings to comply with European rules

Apr 18, 2018

Facebook is introducing more privacy safeguards to users in Europe to comply with new rules meant to make it easier for consumers to give and withdraw consent for the use of their data

AP FACT CHECK: Trump twists Comey role in Clinton disclosure

Apr 16, 2018

AP FACT CHECK: Trump is again twisting facts when it comes to former FBI director James Comey's role in the disclosure of sensitive investigations into Democrat Hillary Clinton

AP FACT CHECK: Facebook's reckoning, Trump's agitation

Apr 14, 2018

AP FACT CHECK: Facebook's reckoning in Washington and Trump's agitation with perceived political enemies made for a week of grabby headlines and iffy claims

How Facebook ads target you

Apr 13, 2018

Facebook's business depends almost entirely on selling ads targeted at people with particular interests and demographics

AP FACT CHECK: Facebook makes shaky data and privacy claims

Apr 12, 2018

AP FACT CHECK: Mark Zuckerberg cites "security purposes" in explaining why Facebook collects data on people who have not signed up

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